DIG your way into Successful Engagements with “The Boss”

This guest post is by Barrett Thomas who is currently serving as an exchange officer at the School of Infantry in Australia.

No matter your station in life; Lieutenant, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, or manager, we all have a boss. How we interact with the organization’s leader, or our superior, directly affects decision-making for the organization and is related also to our individual and sub-unit success. These engagements matter and whether they occur daily, weekly, or less, you must make them count.

An excellent way to shape these engagement is to “bin” them. There are really only three reasons you need to engage your boss. When you require a DECISION, need to INFORM him/her, or need GUIDANCE. That’s it!

Maintain a running sheet where you can update those items you need to take to your boss within those three bins. When you engage the boss, begin with what is required at that point in time (a DECISION, no action (INFORM) or GUIDANCE) so that they are prepared for what actions they need to take. The simple acronym for this is DIG. Don’t make your superior “DIG” for what they need to provide, assimilate your requirements in this manner succinctly.

DECISION, INFORM, GUIDANCE. Using these three bins for your interactions with superiors will ensure that each engagement with your boss is productive and that you are positioned to best lead your organization.

Use this simple Tracker to help your engagements  dig-update-card

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MAJ Russell B. Thomas is an Infantry Officer currently serving as an exchange officer at the School of Infantry in Australia. His operational experience includes time in Stryker, Armored, and Airborne Infantry units. He is a 2003 Graduate of the United States Military Academy.


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