How to Empower your Subordinates

Welcome to the 18th post in the ProDev2Go Major Series. This series focuses on the transition from Company Grade to Field Grade Officer. 

The best commanders share command with others and the best Majors share their authority with their subordinates.  You cannot do everything yourself, but sharing your authority is much more than delegating.  Sharing authority allows your direct reports to make decisions, apply resources, and maximize opportunities.  As a Field Grade this will triple the capacity of your organization.  To get started do these three things: Clearly articulate the authorities for your subordinates, ensure FFIR and PIR are understood, and reward those that execute within your parameters.  This will be a learning process for you and your subordinates so maintain an open dialogue to avoid frustration.  If you share your authority you and your team will be more effective.  Use the following questions to help the team stay on track:

Questions to Ask your Team

  • How can I enable you and make your job easier?
  • What information am I not providing you?
  • How do you best receive information?
  • What decisions can be made at your level that I currently withhold?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in your day to day operations?


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