The Most Important Skill for a Major

Welcome to the 17th post in the ProDev2Go Major Series. This series focuses on the transition from Company Grade to Field Grade Officer. 

You Must Learn to Fight

There is much discussion about having a broad range of assignments to develop you into a better leader. While this is important, we cannot ignore the fundamentals of our profession. As a field grade officer you are expected to be an expert in maneuver regardless of branch. You know your weaknesses, write them down and seek help until you are in fact an expert. Start by focusing on the tactical and technical aspects of each Warfighting Function. Work with others to improve your skills using VBS3 or a terrain model with micro armor. Leverage your staff and those above you to find subject matter experts. Good leaders understand their weaknesses. Great leaders understand and correct their shortcomings. Broadening is important, but not at the expense of our priority mission, to fight and win our nation’s wars. Our service members deserve a field grade officer that understands the art and science of warfare. Make sure that you are that MAJ and we will collectively be successful.

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