Hey Major — Move the Ball Down Field

Welcome to the Fifteenth post in the Major Series.  This series focuses on the transition from Company Grade to Field Grade Officer.

We are huge fans of Terry Bradshaw #12 and the Steelers.  As a Field Grade you are the Quarterback and must score touchdowns for the team to win.  The only way to win is to get the ball down the field and across the goal line.

Lateral Movement is in fact movement. However, there is no progress made for you or your organization by moving side to side.  You must push, claw, and scrape forward even in the face of adversity and resistance.  Far too many S3s and XOs spend their day organizing email and attending pointless meetings.  Here is a tip to ensure you are moving forward every single day – Focus the majority of your efforts on Planning and Resourcing.  Frankly, everything else in your field grade life is secondary to those two things.  You must plan for the organization and publish synchronizing documents (WARNOs, OPORDs, and FRAGOs).  These documents keep the trains on time and add predictability for your organization.  As discussed previously, you must follow the 9:6:4:13 Rule when planning and publishing orders.  Resourcing is equally important.  Ammunition and land are easy, there are systems in place that enable your success.  How are you ensuring the required TADDS and other resources required for training are being sourced?  Use anti freeze or CLP as your resourcing litmus test.  When you are projecting how much anti-freeze you will go through during a training event you likely have it about right.  As a field grade if you are not planning and resourcing  the ball is only being moved laterally and your unit is suffering.  You are hurting Soldiers by ignoring these two critical areas.

Bottom Line- If you can plan and resource you will be an effective Field Grade Officer.

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