Angry Iron Majors (A.I.M.)

Welcome to the twelfth post in the ProDev2Go Major Series. This series focuses on the transition from Company Grade To Field Grade Officer. 


Fact–Many Majors become disgruntled, jaded, bitter, and angry.  These feelings generally stem from two seeds: perspective and workload.  Major’s perspective are generally based on a new and unfiltered view of Division, Brigade, and Battalion operations which reveals many imperfections.   Majors also are under a tremendous amount of stress from the enormity of their work load.  This new environment lends itself to a fact of life- negativity is contagious for those with weak minds.  You will find yourself in the middle of an AIM conversations as a Major.  Here is some simple advice-  Avoid It!  You really have three choices as a professional when frustrated:  1) Fix the issue that is frustrating you.  2) Recommend to your higher a way to correct the issue. 3) Vote with your feet.  If the issue is within your purview then get after it and fix the problem. If not, tell a trusted leader whom you respect about the issue so it can get resolved above your level.  Finally, if you cannot get past your frustration and the negativity go find a profession that makes you happy.  Life is too short and the Army needs positive leaders.  Bottom Line–Don’t become a member of the Angry Iron Major Club (A.I.M.) you have better choices.


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